GRAF company is a full service provider of architectural investments and acts as a general contractor in the are of:

  • public buildings,
  • industrial building,
  • office and commercial facilities,
  • renovation and modernization,
  • general housing.

Our area of expertise and the main focus of our business are:

  • helping to set up and clarify the goals and requirements of the investor,
  • developing a realistic timeline for the renovation works of the investment,
  • preparing project documentation,
  • optimizing costs and various expanses of the investment,
  • carrying out all the necessary administrative procedures, including: permit to construct and occupancy permit,
  • supervising the entire budget, schedule and the quality of construction by a qualified and experienced engineering and technical staff,
  • developing interior decoration and design schemes,
  • land acquisition,
  • land-work implementation:
    • building shell,
    • plumbing,
    • electrical installations,
    • finishing works such as: drywall system GK, ceramic tiles, wallpaper, paining, etc.
    • technical infrastructure (links, drainage networks, gas, electrics, internal roadways, etc.),
    • landscaping elements.

GRAF company also acts as a substitute investor and deals with construction takeovers.