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“Borek” Estate

Project description

Borek Forest is a unique place where clean air, diverse vegetation and cycling paths, as well as other forms of active recreation attract residents of our city. It’s also proximity of nature and a peace of mind, that together creates the ideal conditions for living and recreation. Due to the incredible potential of this place, its natural and recreational values, and unique atmosphere we decided to create a comfortable and luxurious housing estate right here, at the Borek Forest. It is an enclave of tranquility where you can find solace.

Imagine your new life – all year long, every time when you desire it you have the opportunity for active recreation like long, relaxing walks in the woods, biking or to simply put on your running shoes and give in to the speed and exhilaration of running… Isn’t it an ideal alternative for the city day-to-day struggle, constant rush and noise?

In just a couple of months, such a wonderful and luxurious place has an opportunity to emerge. The Borek Estate, a place where everything is in hands reach. A place, that you will surely desire. In a modern, thoroughly thought-through architectural wonder, you will find flats of 121 and 125 swear feet area. Each flat has a designated parking space as well as parking spots outside the building. For your convenience we have also planned SPA&Wellness facilities of total area of 826 square meters.

The building have been designed in such a way that the future residents would take great pleasure and feel relaxed while living there. We let waves of light wash through the room through wide, glass-fashioned galleries and allow you to be closer to nature by stepping out on wooden, open-air, terraces.

Beautiful gardens, proximity of the Borek Forest and the calm surrounding will help you relax each day, without the need to venture to the city.

All trade activities are subject to “Bezpieczna Własność” (“Secure Property”) program. The land, on which every building will be set up, along with the art of the garden that belongs to it, will be sold together with the house. All entrances to the Borek Estate, inside alleyways and barbecue common place, will act as a joint-ownership of all residents.

Interior design of “Borek” Estate under Michał Hoppe patronage (www.hoppearchitektura.pl).
The new visuals coming soon.